Meet & Greet CUMULUS

01 Sep 2017

This year, PZP, SYAA and ARXTUDIO merged and became CUMULUS. “Having in mind that good architecture drives development and shapes behaviours, we believe that together we can do better and bigger projects with a major impact on the society, thus leading to benefits for as many people as possible. And here is how we succeed in doing it: by bringing together people, ideas, knowledge, competence in order to create the infrastructure for prosperity”, Adrian Soare, architect, executive partner for CUMULUS.
The CUMULUS team comprises 40 architects and gives integrated services for civil buildings and urbanism, having expertise in residential projects, offices, industrial area, restoration and rehabilitation, as well as public investments and on-trade segment. The CUMULUS team is led by three executive partners – Adrian Soare, Liviu Z?gan, R?zvan Puchici – and by five coordinator partners – Eliza Yokina, Elena Dragu, Ivona Amari?ei, Ioana Moang? and Costin Beekman.
For more information about CUMULUS:
CUMULUS offices are on the 3rd floor of Univers