Wood&Wool @ Vienna Design Week

29 Sep 2014


11Houses is travelling to Vienna Design Week, together with the creations of 24 Romanian designers.  Organized by Romanian Design Week and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna, the exhibition focuses on the uses of natural materials in contemporary societies, strting from the interest shown by young designers for traditional craftships and the choice in the materials used for their works. The exhibition encloses also a section dedicated to Romanian ceramics.

Wood&Wool is hosted by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna between 26th of September – 5th of October and is official part of Vienna Design Week, one of the most renown design events in Europe (www.viennadesignweek.at).

Wood&Wool is at its 3rd showcase, after the one in Stockholm between 6th of February  – 8th of March 2014 and the one in Bucharest at Romanian Design Week between 16th – 25th of May 2014.

For more info about the exhibition: