12 Dec 2013


The curricula for the optional classes “De-a arhitectura” is in the final phase of accreditation from the National Education Ministry.   The educational program “De-a arhitectura in my town” is at its second year. For the school year 2013-2014 the course about architecture and built environment dedicated to pupils ages 9 to 11 reaches 60 classes from state and private schools, meaning approximately 1500 children from Bucharest and other Romanian cities (Timisoara, Arad, Sibiu, Brasov, Sfantu Gheorghe, Reghin, Cluj-Napoca).


“De-a arhitectura in my town” is implemented as an optional class or an extracurricular one, with the enthusiast support of member architects and volunteers. The program is actively supported by the Romanian Chamber of Architects and the Romanian Architects Union.


The project is financed with the support of the two organizations of architects, but mostly from private funds provided by companies that focus on environmental education, sustainability and education in architecture. So far Holcim and German company Xella by brand Ytong were most active in “De-a arhitectura”.


“The children are very excited about how they take courses that focus on observation and experimentation. Based on a program and methodology carefully constructed in collaboration of psychologists and educators, we make the courses a game where the children learn about the built environment, architecture, design and general knowledge concepts and ecology and sustainability principles, “explains architect Corina Croitoru, founder of “De-a arhitectura”.


Inspired by the model of education from the Nordic countries, considered to be the most effective in primary education, interdisciplinary courses are taught by architects in collaboration with the class teacher. “De-a arhitectura in my city” has achieved the performance to be held in four languages??: Romanian, German, Hungarian and English.


The project was developed by six architects, mothers in turn, who understand the needs of children and how they react to new information, an integral part of their everyday life. The architects Mina Sava, Eliza Yokina, Corina Croitoru, Claudia Pamfil, Vera Marin and Miruna Grigorescu subsequently attracted support from other prestigious architects, the Ministry of Education and the partners who have funded this project.


“Education in architecture and built environment can build social responsibility and urban culture for future citizens. First class has graduated in 2013 – 220 children in three public schools and 4 private schools. This year the project has gained momentum and is expanded to 60 classes and 1,500 children across the country. Since 2016, 10,000 students from 400 classes in Romania, with 100 architects will be involved in the program each year, “said architect Mina Sava, founder of “De-a arhitectura”.