The Book „ Dreams About Houses” Is Now Out

08 Jun 2011


The book written by Eliza Yokina, „Dreams about Houses” is now out. You can find it in Carturesti, Humanitas and CLB bookshops, as well as online.

We’ll see you at , Street Delivery on Saturday, 11th of June at 11.30, 17.00 and 18.30 to chat, draw and fold houses out of paper.


The book “Dreams about Houses” starts from the idea that architecture, and generally the built word, is influencing our existence since early ages and take part in our development. Since early beginnings the children are building small houses, play in them, relate to them, but somehow these houses are not very present in stories.

Along with the books about animals, various objects, famous people or music, in their library should exist also a book about houses.

We believe that the attention given to the built environment is built since our beginning, from early childhood. Even though “Dreams about Houses” is not an educational book per-se, it has the power through creativity to provoke kids to look with different eyes at the house surrounding them and make them find out more.

The book contains 18 stories which portray houses as living characters. The illustrations are simple, made by hand, black and white and are accompanied by 3d pop ups.