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Associated architects:  Adrian Soare | Eliza Yokina | Elena Dragu | Senior architects: Irina Plopeanu | Intern Architects: Cosmin Anghelache | Alexandru Catauta | Andrada Tarau | Office Manager : Ioana Ancuta

Ex-team members:

Andreea Nica | Sebastian Lupea | Ina Stoian| Stefan Aldea | Ioana Suliciu | Ionela Truica | Diana Dina | Valentina Gheorghica | Anca Bendescu | Magda Vieriu | Rodica Dina | Mirela Vladuta | Camelia Oancea | Ruxandra Sacalis | Oana Coarfa | Cristian Borcan

Other contributors to projects:

Ruxandra Dinescu | Razvan Tivu | Mariuca Neagu | Razvan Molie | Toma Jornea | Irina Bogdan | Ioana Tilicea | Matei Stoean | Matei Bacanu | Tudor Gherman | Laura Cristea | Stefan Nechita | Ioana Mitrica |Valentin Pascu | Andrei Leonte | Adrian Tutuianu | Catalin Filip | Lorand Kiss | Alexandra Bunescu | Irina Sargov | Iulia Danila | Mircea Alexandru Mogan | Yuliyan Mikov | Mihai Denes | Claire Hoppenreys Loiseau | Andrzej Marek | Rares Dragoiu



For those seeking employment: currently all the positions in our office are filled up, however we will keep your application in our database and contact you should we hire. Also, we are opened to different forms of collaboration if the candidate is particularly interesting to us.

For those seeking an internship: the internship in our office lasts from minimum 3 months to maximum 6 months, full-time; we offer actual involvement in interesting projects, the possibility to gain on site experience as well as theoretical and practical training on subjects related to architecture that are usually not covered in the university curricula. At the end we will fill in the practice documents (where it applies) and provide you with a recommendation letter.

The application will be submitted as follow:

– A portfolio in PDF format, landscape, maximum 12 MB

– File name:

– “ANG_Surename_NAME.pdf” for job applications

– “INT_Surename_NAME.pdf” for internship application

– CV with photo inserted in the first pages of the Portfolio

exclusively to the email address


We mention that we do not commit to answering to applications send in another format. Thank you!