Syaa Wins The Big Prize At The Contest For Designing A Natural Science Museum In Constanta

23 Feb 2011


The association comprised of our office, Structural ING, INK Building, and Sicon 21 has been awarded the grand prize in the contest for designing a Natural Science Museum Complex in Constanta, on the site that currently hosts the Delfinarium. The project is about building the largest such complex in the Black Sea region and includes a large aquarium, a Delfinarium and pools for therapy with dolphins, a large pool for shows with orcas, pools for seals and penguins, an exotarium, botanical greenhouses, a planetarium that can function also as a 3D cinema, an astronomical observatory, conference halls and workshops, a botanical garden and a micro-reserve at the outside, as well as many other furnishings for laboratory and leisure activities.

For more details concerning the project you can go to the following link:

Many thanks to the members of the jury for the appreciation and to the team for the hard work carried!