Simbio Kitchen & Bar Reinvents Itself

06 Feb 2015


After having worked for a while in the old town, Simbio Kitchen & Bar recently reopened in a new location, in a house dating from the early twentieth century, on Negustorilor Street no. 26. The rehabilitation of the building began in the spring of 2014 and is the latest project signed by SYAA.“For us, Simbio means friends. You are surrounded by friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere that Eliza has helped us to create by highlighting the personality of each room. For example, in the lounge with the skylight we sat a large communal table with mirror that reflects the painted glass from above. In another room we still have a communal table, around which people that don’t know each other gather, so that they may leave friends. And down in the bar, we have created an industrial atmosphere, by furnishing the old warehouse with iron and board racks. The bar is made from poured concrete. By spring we will also open the attic as an open space for working with a bright terrace, and in the backyard we will cool off in the shade of a quince. And it all happens in a house with a history of over a century, that we arranged such that it covers exactly the atmosphere that we want for the Simbio home,” said Dana Nica & Iulia Younis, co-founders Simbio.With a capacity of 90 seats, distributed on two levels, Simbio Kitchen & Bar offers a menu specific to an urban gastro – bar with all- day breakfast and burgers. It is open every day from 10 am to 12 pm, and Friday and Saturday until later.

Photo: Catalin Georgescu