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award winning full service architecture office

Servicii birou arhitectura


SYAA is an architecture office that offers complete design services, from conception to full completion of a building, including all the specific design phases.


We want to be involved from the beginning in the project so that we can contribute to the conception phase. We remain involved in the project until we ensure its completion with the best conditions. We realize our customers’ difficulties and try to offer real and responsible support so that the building experience to be positive.


We approach different scale projects, but we are also involved in creating products. Through Design we offer atmosphere to a place, create identity, style, propose scenarios. SYAA’s design is driven by dialogue between the built and the surrounding world, respecting and paying interest in the broader context of a project. We are concerned with the dialogue we create through architecture. Our buildings are well in place.


Creativity and performance are the main resources we work with. In our portfolio there are many different projects and this is our option. Through a dedicated team, we offer our clients more than 15 years experience in building design.