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Private residence Villa N

Type:  house; Location: Bucharest, Romania; Client: “N” family; Structural engineering: Ingenium Construct; MEP engineering: Alyates Design; Area: Plot area: 350sqm; Built area: 600sqm; Height: U+GF+2F; Status: built; Photo: Andrei Margulescu; Year: 2007

Villa N occupies 350 square meters in a deconstructed area of the city. Thus, the main challenges were to relate with the urban tissue, with the quite narrow lot, and of course, with the clients’ requests; they wanted a house close to the design of a 1911 building (which you can see at

The relationship with the public space derives from the house’s introverted character. The limited communication with the outside space has been translated by regarding the facade’s openings as a grid of vertical gaps on the building’s full height. The specific leveling of a house becomes secondary to the image of a protective porous shell, which has a certain monumentality; its rhythm is set by the variation of the spaces behind it. The relationship with Serban Voda Street is complex in the levels’ sequencing, which takes part in the urban landscape. The front view of the fence – an opaque horizontal element – is dominated by the second plane, with the facade, which grows vertically. The lawn covered hill in the courtyard is placed over the garage and dominates the yard, thus becoming at the same time part of the natural environment and a garden.

The building has two dead walls and two sober facades that protect the few loggias and exterior terraces and the wealth of the interior space, developed around a central atrium. The pass-ways surround this atrium, creating the opportunity of spatial and visual relationships that vary horizontally and vertically. There is a “public” circuit which ends behind the ground floor office, and a “private” circuit that ties the living to the upstairs bedrooms, without the two ever meeting. The light enters the core of the house, like a kaleidoscope, making it more alive and always bringing a different mixture of shadows and color.