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  • Master bedroom
  • Bed in master bedroom
  • Patterned tiles bathroom
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  • Kid's room
  • Access hallway with staircase
  • Staircase with book shelves

T Interior Design

Home interior design

Type: interior design; Area: 127sqm; Location: Bucharest, Romania; Client:  Anca Tanasioiu, Daniel Tanasoiu; Year: 2014;

Photo: Andrei Margulescu

Design team: arch. Eliza Yokina, arch. Andreea Nica

Project Manager:  Andrei Dobrescu (ACMS)


The story of this design actually begins more than 10 years ago, when a developer built one of the first residential projects in Bucharest – „La Mesteceni”, today Gafencu residence, designed by BBM Group. At that time, viewed as an experiment in the field, the project has received a great deal of public attention. Nowadays, the developer – tenant at the same time – wished not only for the renovation, but for a complete interior redesign to meet the needs of his family but also to represent their lifestyle. The theme was rather a story about a family with three daughters like in fairytales …

The eldest daughter named Mary likes most to paint, read and stage shows. Mary needed a space that is comfortable for a child that was to be a teenager in a short time, convenient for study and versatile. For her we created a wall of windows that close a large closet, a storage area built with integrated bed in it and a study desk with a house on top of it. The house aims to help Mary to organize objects and tools of study and painting, but also to exhibit her drawings on the roof . The middle daughter ‘s name was Bianca and she loved music most of all. She was very playful but withdrawn at the same time, because she adored to distance herself sometimes playing in hidden places. For her we created a box over the bed where she can hide and observe from there the rest of the house, unseen. The youngest daughter, Emma, hadn’t turned even a year and liked more milk. Her first need was of a flexible and free space in which to move around easily.On the staircase, the family wanted to place the library that provides plenty of room for books, but is also a specific element of the house. The master bedroom, bathrooms and hallway follow the same principles – efficient use of space and customization so that they become representative for each family member separately.