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Sirenelor 10-12 Apartments

Apartment-block on 10-12 Sirenelor Street

Type:  residential; Location: Bucharest; Client: Imobiliara SRL; Design: Structural engineering: G&ED Structural; MEP engineering:  Alyates Design, Area: Plot area: 1,326sqm; Built area: 6,945sqm; Apartments: 34; Height: U+GF+8F, Status: built; Year: 2009

The building continues the high-built front, previously existing on Uranus Street, and makes transition, through a retreat of volume at the level of the 5th floor, to the near urban pattern of low and medium height.

The building is a result of the negotiation between the old urban fabric and the wall formed by the communist blocks. The various types of openings like windows, loggias and terraces have the role of making the façade more efficient. Each apartment has a double or triple orientation, receiving natural light throughout the entire day and having good ventilation.

The interior compliance of the building, defined by the variety of types of apartments and the variety of exterior spaces corresponding to each apartment, is seen outside through the game of full and empty, loggias and balconies, which assures the distinctiveness of each apartment.