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Showroom Design & After


Location: Mihai Eminescu 50-54, Bucharest, Romania; Client: Design&After; Area: 100sqm; Year: 2016

Design team: arch. Eliza Yokina

Photo: Catalin Georgescu
Design&After is a brand bringing to the public in Romania a selection of Scandinavian design objects. Currently, the Design&After portfolio comprises, exclusively, brands like Green Gate, Ib Laursen and Maileg, alongside with House Doctor, Bloomingville, Kreafunk, Nordal and HüBSCH. Meanwhile, Nicolas Vahe products are supplied for the first time in Romania. Over 2,000 products are in stock and available through the online store of the brand. The idea for the showroom came from the desire for a close a relationship with customers. A place where the beneficiary and those who enter the space have the opportunity to interact, to talk, to share ideas and opinions and, especially, to learn from each other. A space created especially for clients, a meeting place, a story-like décor for new stories to unfold.

For us as architects, the biggest challenge was and is to synchronize with the client and their intentions and aspirations. With what Design & After is to become so after the design project is concluded, the place to develop naturally.