SYAA | Proiect cladire de birouri 6 nivele
  • Proiect pentru cladire de birouri
  • Proiect cladire de birouri
  • Cladire de birouri 6 nivele
  • Cladire de birouri open space
  • Propunere cladire de birouri

Sf Vineri Offices

Proposal for office building on Sf Vineri street in Bucharest

Function: offices; Location: Bucharest, Romania; Client: The Local Council of Bucharest & Man Construct; Design: SYAA & Arxtudio Architecture; Plot area: 3,020sqm; Built area: 14,310sqm; Height: 4U+GF+6F; Status: closed; Year: 2012

Located in a central but empty area of Bucharest, next to People’s House, the building comprises 5 levels of car parking (from which 4 are underground) and 6 levels of open space.