SYAA | Amenajare Mazilique Studio by SYAA

Mazilique Studio

Interior design for gourmet studio

Location: Bucharest, Romania; Client: Cristina Mazilu (Mazilique –; Area: 90sqm; Year: 2016

Team: arch. Eliza Yokina

Metalic confections: Vertigo Metal.

Plaster works: Duraziv

Upholstered furniture: Photoliu

Photo: Catalin Georgescu

Mazilique Studio is based on the idea of open kitchen, translated not only in the layout, but also in the concept: a place where people gather around the table. It is not only about the food as the client, Cristina Mazilu, desired a space that creates moments.

The studio was designed as a “playground” that hosts the testing recipes for the blog, the food photo shootings and the filming for various video projects, as well as gourmet meetings, dinner parties or other events.

The studio has 90sqm and is located in an old area of Bucharest, on Fainari Street no 5. The backbone of the entire design is the communal table which continues with a kitchen island.

“I followed Cristina’s vision on what is a culinary experience so I could design the current configuration of space – both practical and functional,” says Eliza. “For Cristina, besides exploring the tastes and tasting pleasure the connections to be woven between people are important, forged between plates and cutlery, the way they interact and how a pretext for dinner or brunch can be a social experience itself. Therefore it was only natural for all these to happen on a prolonged communal table with a cooking island – where I have focused attention and effort, then filling the remaining space. I prefer to sit at the table under the window in front of the mobile chandelier, hoping that will soon be darkness and Cristina will light the candles…”, she added.

So Mazilique Studio faithfully reproduces the atmosphere of the houses in which the kitchen is the most animated room, where gourmet meetings are warm and the experiences turn into memorable moments.