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Maribor Public Space

Contest for the layout of the Drava River banks in Maribor, Slovenia

Type: urban design; Location: Maribor, Slovenia; Client: Maribor Municipality;Plot area: 1000 m of river bank; Year: 2010


Object of the contest: Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia will be the European Capital of Culture in 2012. Therefore, this competition’s purpose is to design an architectural idea for the rearrangement in the length of 1.000 m at both banks of the river Drava with the intent to acquire an outline scheme of the central stage of the European Capital of Culture and for urban regeneration of the city in the next twenty years. Besides the banks of river Drava the embankment includes squares, streets, promenades, green spaces and ports for river vehicles.

The expanded city of Maribor did not manage to dissolve the river gap into its tissue and today the steep slopes of its embankments separate the two shores of the river. The natural border has a correspondence into the mentality of the inhabitants, therefore two cities coexist today: an old city with his squares and monuments and the new one – industrial, scattered, crossed by modern transport lines. Two cities, two different typologies and two different living styles.

The Drava Embankments represent the opportunity to create a new central place in-between the two cities – to link and merge them.