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Limanu Resort

B&B in Chilia Veche

Function:  tourism; Location: Chilia Veche, Romania; Client: Green Delta Tour SRL; Plot area: 2.027sqm; Built area: 550sqm; Number of rooms: 12; Height: U+G+F;

Team: arch. Adrian Soare, arch. Eliza Yokina, arch. Rodica Dina, arch. Magda Vieriu

MEP engineering: Instal Design;

Structural engineering: Sructural Engeneering;

Photo: Andrei Margulescu

Design: 2009-2010

Built: 2013-2014


The B&B consists of 4 separate buildings:
– A building comprising 2 one-storey volumes under one truss-type roof, , sheltering the living and dining area.
– A volume with basement + ground floor, sheltering the kitchen and downstairs the laundry, the central heating and a space for storage.
– Three buildings for accommodation.

The three buildings with one floor each are comprising 4 rooms with an area of 18sqm, each with its own bathroom. The enclosure is designed in three distinct areas: the reception yard with parking, the landscaped yard in the middle with a leisure pool and the backyard with an orchard.

The construction is made of masonry and concrete with terraces, stairs and framework made form wood. The walls are painted with clay plaster, a technique specific to this area, and is done by locals as the covering made of thatched roofs.

We were fascinated by the constant change of the environment in the Danube Delta, as though the land and water were living creatures in continuous movement. Everything here is temporary, provisory, organic. Only the energy of life is perpetual. We believe that architecture must capture this spirit. In Chilia we wanted to build at the scale of the surroundings, with respect for nature, for the local architecture and materials, but at a contemporary level of comfort.

We tried to integrate the urban and economic constrains in a project that captures the Danube Delta’s specificity. Even though the surface of the building exceeds by far the volume of a local house, we tried to design the project to fit in the local scenario. First of all, we broke the building into several pavilions, so that each of them to be comparable with the surrounding houses. We used local materials: clay, reed, wood, gravel and everything that could be found in the area. Basically, the incorporation in the Delta’s environment was done by the architectural organizing of the pavilions on the plot, by using local materials, by building as simple as possible with details that could be achieved locally and, also, by using unpretentious and familiar colors and textures.

We tried to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, without excess and sophistication, as we think the spirit of the Delta is. We appreciate the places that don’t impose by design a certain conduct or ambiance. We appreciate the places that are discovered and enjoyed without asking expressly for his. We searched for a balance between the nowadays comfort and the Delta’s style – minimal and archetypal. The interior and courtyard design, the materials used, the accessories, the furniture, the reclaimed objects found in the area are contributing to this mood.

We sought to create a specific ambiance for each room, so that the guests to choose the one that fit them best. In this manner, two visits to the b&b will not resemble as each time one can choose to experiment a different environment, from marine blue to snow white. The guests will discover in the rooms reclaimed objects from the ruins and old houses in Chilia: windows, doors, frames, pots that become an inspiring presence.