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Kuwait State Embassy

Proposal for the Kuwait State Embassy in Bucharest

Type:  offices; Location: Bucharest, Romania; Client: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait State; Plot area: 1,290sqm; Built area: 4,061sqm; Height: UG+GF+4F; Status: closed; Year: 2013

2nd prize winner


The site is located in one of the most beautiful and significant residential area of the Bucharest, Primaverii neighborhood. The project imposes itself seemingly upon its surroundings, characterized by wide plots and isolated villas. The spectacular interior illustrates its special function: embassy, the most representative building of Kuwait State in Romania.

The inner traditional courtyards, the Dewaniya and the Amara, create the core of our concept. As in the traditional houses, in our project the building is organized around two superposed central spaces: the public courtyard (the Grand Reception Hall) and the private courtyard (the formal Foyer of the Ambassador and Diplomats section)

The Embassy Building is split into 5 main areas: Public Area, Staff & VIP Entrance; Consulate Section, Public Entrance; Local Employees Section; Diplomats Section; Ambassador Section.

The internal vertical circulation is organized on the South-East façade and links all the 5 main areas of the building and the basement.