SYAA | Design for IDEA BANK branches
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Function:  bank branch; Location: Bucharest, Romania; Client: IDEA BANK;  Constructed area: 65-140sqm;

Engineers: LGC Proiectare;

Photo: Andrei Margulescu

Year: 2015


The general concept in arranging Idea Bank branches takes into account the brand’s characteristics and values ??: simple, fresh, honest, informal, powerful, different.

The specific design elements, the materials used and the proposed layout contribute to a relaxed and attractive atmosphere for customers and create a strong image on the market.

The customization of the branches and highlighting the Idea Bank brand are achieved through several key design elements: luminaires inspired by the 4 points of  logo, custom-made pieces of furniture (the counter for cashiers, the multifunctional piece of furniture from the center of the branch  and the console meeter – greeter) and the different inserts of flooring materials, in the brand’s colorThe open space layout conveys a message of sincerity and openness by exposing public functions. The bank’s characteristic areas: cashier, bank officers, meeting room are completely exposed and accessible to the public. The customer waiting area is included in the open-space and framed by cash and bank officers. This layout gives customers easy accessibility and orientation, while the facilities available and the modern materials and finishes are welcoming and bring a touch of comfort to users.

The logical sequence of the three key areas: access, customers area and back-office becomes a general feature of all branches of Idea Bank.