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Europan10 – Valverde

Europan10 Contest – Exteding the urban fabric in Valverde, Spain

Functions: residential, urban planning; Location: Valverde, El Hierro Island, Canary Island; Client: Canary Housing Institute and 2 private invetors; Plot area: 13,135sqm; Built area: 4,386sqm; Height: GF+1F;Year: 2009


Object of the contest: Design 64 dwellings integrated in the already – there urban fabric

The site proposed in this contest is part of the Biosphere Reserve and is located 700 m above the sea level. The landscape is characterized by steep lanes with whitewash houses scattered throughout large gardens. Taking into account all this, the proposed solution is based on a number of principles like: limiting the land excavation and land movement to minimum; extending the road network; conserving the existing greenery and enriching it; extending the city fabric with similar patterns; building with local materials and techniques.

Therefore, the designed buildings are inspired by the local architecture and borrow certain elements from it, translating them into a modern context. At the street level, the land is crossed by footpaths insinuating through vegetation.