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Corcova Wine Cellars

Design and rehabilitation of Corcova Wine Cellars

Type: interior design; Location: Corcova, Mehedinti County, Romania; Client: Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu; Status: closed; Year: 2008

The project was realized almost in the same time with the interior design execution. The main areas that were furnished were the reception hall and offices, the winery, the oenologist’s laboratory, the tasting room and the exterior design of the courtyard and the façade.

Conceptually, the interventions had as starting point the princely origin of the wine cellar, also taking into account the various influences inherited over time. It mattered very much the architecture of kule of Oltenia which was the main inspiration. The architecture and the original language of the cellar with its intrinsic values ??were kept uncovered and enhanced. Also it wasn’t neglected the contemporary spirit of wine, so the investment is made ??on the basis of new production technologies used in harmony with traditional techniques .

The materials used have two features: best quality, assuming thus a high cost, and sustainability in investment, natural and simple, so buildings to retain the value of space and indoor environment.