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House in Corcova Vineyard

Function: house; Location: Corcova, Mehedinti County, Romania; Client: Serban Damboviceanu; Plot area: 60Ha; Built area: 275sqm; Height: GF, Status: study; Year: 2009

In 2007 we were commissioned to design a house in a beautiful valley near Corcova, on a hilly site of approx. 60ha. During nearly two years the place had been changing slowly and constantly. From a natural valley it became a well organized vineyard with one hundred thousand noble plants and a place full of life.

The client wanted to build in this vineyard a house for his future family and a guest area. First of all we had to find the appropriate place for the family house. The life in the middle of this plantation can be organized around a house (permanent residence) and some summer pavilions, thus the building dissolving into the landscape.