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  • Proiect amenajare peisagera: Ciprian Porumbescu, Brasov
  • amenajare peisagera: Ciprian Porumbescu, Brasov
  • Proiect amenajare peisagera
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  • Proiect amenajare peisagera Ciprian Porumbescu

Ciprian Porumbescu, Brasov

Redesign of the public space around the statue of Ciprian Porumbescu in Gh. Dima Park in Brasov, Romania

Function: landscape design; Location: Brasov, Romania; Client: The Romanina Chamber of Architcts, Brasov– Harghita – Covasna Branch; Year: 2011;

2nd prize


Object of the contest: redesign of the public space around the statue of Ciprian Porumbescu located in the Gheorghe Dima Park by focusing on the assertion of Porumbescu’s personality; building a contemporary space, free of archetypes and sustainable

Our project pursued the building of a space complementary to the approach started in 1972 with the placing of the composer’s statue. Thus, by introducing subtle elements, with symbolic meaning – identity generators for this space – we created a frame with a deep scenographic atmosphere, in which the focus is placed on the Porumbescu’s personality.

Therefore, the composer’s statue becomes a character present in the town’s life and the new platform becomes a stage open to the public. The other proposed elements sustain this scenario: the ambivalent metallic element symbolically represents the artist’s life, dedicated to music and reminds passers-by of the New Moon* during the night time. (* New Moon – “Crai Nou” – one of Porumbescu’s most renowned compositions). The hedge resembling a curtain together with the spotlight oriented towards the sculpture reunify our vision.

Finally, on the spot on which the shadow casted by the metallic element on the 11th of March projects each year we placed a slot for flowers. This is the date on which the premiere of “Crai Nou” operetta took place, thus remembrance of this event is important both for the town as well as for the Romanian music history.