Image study for the rebranding of CEC Bank

Function: commercial; Location: Romania; Client: Brandient Consult; Status: closed; No of branches: 41; No of agencies: 1352; Year: 2008

Image study conducted for Brandient for the rebranding of CEC Bank

The image of the space inside CEC Bank will be representative for the new brand. The space will follow, support and complete this brand by giving a different perception upon the Bank. We will create a new personality based on the following values:

–          Transparency – interior open space and the maximizing of the relationship between exterior and interior.

–          Honesty, authenticity, popularity – unsophisticated space, easy to be understood thanks to a clear organizing of the space and functions, the use of easily recognizable design elements. Recognizable elements – central oak panel which symbolizes nature, honesty, Romanian values.

–          Credibility – a space that retains its weight and value by emphasizing the architectural elements of the building.

–          Simplicity – a clean space which directly addresses the client, professional details with minimum appearance, color block finishes, smooth textures, the removal of extraneous objects in space

The exterior image of the buildings in the CEC’s patrimony will take into consideration the building types, the architectural style, resulting in several types of expression of the facade, all forming a unified image. Exterior expresses simplicity, reliability, openness. Brand announcement will not be made in excess, the entry will be positioned according to the compliance of the building but always visible and easily accessible. Windows are in principle free of posters, ads, objects, furniture or plants, facilitating the expression of an opened and transparent Bank. CEC will gain a better image by illuminating the facades or heritage monuments in its patrimony, by placing light spots in the pavement and by using particular urban furniture.