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Bosco Club Neptun

Holiday-apartment residential compound in Neptun, Romania

Type: residential; Location: Neptun, Romania; Client: Editura Univers Enciclopedic SRL; Design: Architecture: SYAA, Collaborators: arch. Stefan Simion, arch. Tudor Antemir; Structural engineering: ElfPro; MEP engineering: ing. Florentina Radu, ing. Mirela Neculai, ing. Alexandru Damian; Area: Plot area: 1,250sqm; Built area: 2,680sqm; Apartments: 24; Height: GF+3F, Status: built; Year: 2006

Prizes: The Grand Prize of the Bucharest Architecture Annuale 2008, the Architecture section / The Prize of Arhitext design 2009, Nominated for MIES VAN DER ROHE PRIZES ā€“ The European Union prizes for Architecture 2009 / Nominated within Section Architecture > 1000 sqm, The Bucharest Architecture Biennale 2008

The design was based on the attempt to save the most of the existing trees on the site. We considered vegetation to be an essential and vital quality of the plot. Thus, the construction may be considered as a sum of pavilions, the building overlapping with the natural environment. The compound has a ā€œUā€ shape with the opening towards the access route from Trandafirilor Street.

The building consists of 3 volumes built between the trees. The vertical and horizontal access is ensured by a 4th volume ā€“ the cursive – which is structurally independent. Thus, the apartment access is a path between trees offering different views of the building and the plot. The common pool is located on the 1st floor, towards south-east and with a view upon the crossroad nearby.

The trees are offering shadow during the hot summer days, thus making possible the use of large windows on the exposed facades. Also, each apartment has a generous loggia which offers a quiet atmosphere and a moderated climate.