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Taban attic interior design

Bucharest; Year: 2016 – 2017

Photo: Andrei Margulescu

Team: Arh. Eliza Yokina, Arh. Andrada Tarau


This is an interior design project of a house situated in the attic of a residential building, located in Domenii area. The beneficiary is a young woman – but the space is created for her and her boyfriend – that comes in pair with a Nordic “design” dog. It was our source of inspiration and this explains the Scandinavian design of the furniture mixed with warm and opened colors, all in a perfect harmony with the already existing wood elements, which kept everything in balance. We created a dynamic space, yet relaxing and welcoming by choosing the opened finishes, the right colors and a matching design of the furniture, all combined with the natural light, but the artificial one also that comes from the lighting elements. An important space in the attic is the terrace, which is in the same time an extension of the living area but also the experimental space for gardening.