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Alecsandri Offices

Proposal for the façade of an office building, the design of public spaces and access areas

Function: offices, public space; Location: Bucharest, Romania; Client: Proiect Bucuresti; Plot area: 7,130sqm; Built area: 23,800sqm; Height: 3U+gf+7F; Status: closed; Year: 2010

The “Alecsandri 8″ offices will be composed of three independent buildings built over a common underground parking with three levels. The three buildings will be constructed in a protected central area of Bucharest. Consequently, differential treatment was decided in terms of architectural facades, in accordance with their position and their significance for the urban context. It was noted that the local building tissue is characterized by vertical fragmentation in small volumes. Each facade then shows horizontal composition elements – base, frieze, cornice, eaves, sills, etc. – who give unity despite style heterogeneity and vertical elements – windows, columns, etc. – which give architectural character and rhythm to each building.

Considering that the project proposes to insert into a traditional tissue of heterogeneity and small volumes significantly larger scale buildings, we believe that the level of acceptance and finally the success of the project depends on its ability to provide affordability, permeability and attractive spaces for pedestrians. Therefore we proposed gates and dynamic design spaces from the street and low yard level. For the green areas, the stress is upon as many trees and less on grassed areas. Water fountains are not considered to be suited as we want to create a large pedestrian space, but as an alternative floor openings are provided which in summer are producing clouds of water spray.