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  • Joc constructie 11 Case
  • 11 Case Joc constructie premiat
  • 11 Case Joc constructie premiat
  • 11 Case Joc constructie premiat


Winner of the 1st Prize on the Design Section – Object Design Category within the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2014

11Houses is a game dedicated to children that usually play on gadgets. It’s a construction and/or architecture game; it pushes children to think, to be creative, to have the notion of space and organization, bringing forth their sensibility and educating how they feel – aesthetically – towards the simple toys. Little children can easily join the pieces and build with them and this brings a sense fulfilment; the older ones can go further and think about construction rules and organizing little cities by using the support and the chalk. Because of the V shape of assemblage the game is easy to play. There are 3 different tales that come with the game: the tale about the forest, the tree and the wooden house, the tale about the differences between trees, houses, and people, and the tale about the journey of a little wooden toy from a Nordic forest through water and fire to the little wood factory. And there are more ways of playing with it according to the child’s mood, personality and age.

11Houses is an open game that can be used as a base for educational activities. You can combine the game by bringing in outside toys, such as little cars or characters.

The game is made out of pieces of wood and leftover lumber from furniture specialty workshops. Also, the production of the game will be simplified, with minimal operations so as the cost would be low and the principles of production sustainable.

The wood pieces are smoothed, ranging in weight, resistance, colour, aspect and aroma. The wood is 100% natural, polished but not varnished.



Ages range between 18 months and 8 years. For children below the age of 3, it is recommended to be played together with a grown up.

Wipe with damp cloth.


The game contains 11 pieces of different untreated wood, kit for sticker decoration, book with tales and maps.

Reference – RIDGED HOUSES (Abbatt-1960)

Illustrations Laura Cristea

Produced by BD LEMNTECH in Romania