SYAA | The signature of contemporary Romanian architecture



We ask ourselves”what is architecture” everyday. We don’t have an answer yet, but each time we talk, we imagine, we try … to get closer to what we consider to be good architecture – one that can radically change the living, the urban and of course, the economical experience. We think of Architecture as a cultural act by which we can propose a responsible, inspiring, pleasant, provocative and valuable built environment. We love this trade and we practice it with passion.

Who we are: Soare & Yokina Arhitecti Asociati (SYAA) is an award-winning architecture office, founded in 2006, located in Bucharest, Romania, that offers complete design services. Adrian Soare and Eliza Yokina are design leaders, whose collective talent has led to the appreciation of critics and has brought the office a brand reputation – the signature of contemporary Romanian architecture.