Chairs For Toys Created By Children

04 Nov 2013


The exhibition “100 miniatures” continues with a special event dedicated to children. Come with your little ones Saturday, the 2nd of November, at the workshop “Chairs for toys created by children” in the new mall Promenada. Inspired by famous design chairs, the kids will let their imagination run free in order to create a chair for their favorite toy.

The workshop will be hosted by Eliza Yokina, an architect with passion for childhood imagination expressed during time in projects as “Mina’s House”, the book “Dreams about Houses” or the association “De-a arhitectura”.

The children will be able to create models using wood, fimo and textiles in order to show their talent and spontaneity.

We will meet you in the Carturesti bookshop from Promenada Mall. The workshop is for children ages 5 to 10 and will be organized on two groups -the first one from 10.30 and the other from 11.30.

Places are limited. For registration, please confirm at the email address until Friday, the 1st of November at 12.00 pm.