Dreams about Houses

09 May 2017

carte povesti casa creativitatecarte povesti casa creativitatecarte povesti casa creativitate

Storybook for children and parents

ISBN: 978.606-8026-08-4; No of pages: 88; Format: 22×22 cm;

Author (concept, text & drawings): Eliza Yokina; Book Editor: Danu? Ungureanu; Graphics: ACME Industries, Paramon Ditu; DTP: Cristian David; Published by Master Print Super Offset; Bucharest, igloomedia, 2011


The Best Book for Children and Youths – “Bun de Tipar” Gala (The Romanian Publishing Industry Gala) 2012 / Nominated in the Illustrated Book Section for The Most Beautiful Books in Romania Prize 2012 / Nominated in the Annual of Architecture of Bucharest 2011.


Best Book Design from All Over the World – Leipzig Book Fair 2013 / The Most Beautiful Books in Romania – Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 / Salon du Livre, Paris 2013

The book “Dreams about houses” starts from our belief that architecture and, in general, the built world are influencing our existence from the early years of our childhood, are part of our development.

We believe that the attention to which the built environment is seen and approached is developed since the beginning, since childhood. Even though “Dreams about Houses” is not an educational book per-se, it has the power, through creativity, to incite the children to see the surrounding houses from another perspective and to find out more about them. The book contains 18 stories that present the houses to the children as living characters. The illustrations are simple hand drawings, in black, and are complemented by 3D pop-up illustrations.

„Dreams about Houses” is designed to be an object book, aiming to remind the reader about an architectural project with its black and white drawings, sketches, and even three dimensional paper models which help for better visualization of the space. Like architecture which is a process and a theory along with a result, the book is first of all an interactive object and exercise for the little ones and their parents to “build” together from the precut pages the character of the story and to draw on the white pages their own tales.

„A book with the vocation of an architect” – Mihaela Dedeoglu, Radio France International

The libraries’ stock was exhausted and the book won’t be re-issued.