11+1 Houses – 2nd Edition

09 May 2017

case joc lemn obiect decorativ


11+1 is a simple wooden game and a decorative object in the same time.

It is a construction and/or architecture game and stimulates thinking, creativity, spatial sense and organization, raising and educating aesthetic sensitivity over simple things. Playing methods: by joining the wooden pieces and constructing with them, by discovering the ways in which the parts are interrelating, by inventing rules of constructing and organizing space. The game does not bring frustration because of the V shape type of assemblage. There are 3 different tales that can be told playing with the game: the tale about the forest, the tree and the wooden house, the tale about the differences between trees, houses, and people, and the tale about the journey of a little wooden object from a forest, through water and fire, to the wood factory. Besides these, there are more ways of playing with it according to the one’s mood, personality and creativity.


11+1 is made out of pieces of wood, produced by minimal and simplified operations, thus meeting the principles of sustainable production. The wood pieces are smoothed, ranging in weight, resistance, colour, aspect and smell. The wood is 100% natural, polished but not varnished.


This is a review of the game 11 Houses produced in 2013 and presented at Romanian Design Week in  2014. The set has been completed with one more element and the wood essences used were reviewed.


The set contains 12 pieces of different wood essence polished but not varnished. The wood essences are: ash, termotreated pine, iroko, walnut, beech, oak.

References – RIDGED HOUSES (Abbatt-1960)

Produced by UBI KUBI in  Romania.


Designer: Eliza Yokina

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