10/10/10 Design Ecologies

11 Oct 2010


The 10th of October 2010 is the date on which the sustainable solutions towards climate change are celebrated. On this day, at “Make a Point” gallery (1 Morarilor street, district 2, Bucharest) was opened the exhibition 10/10/10 DESIGN ECOLOGIES which presents sustainable concepts. On this occasion, SYAA’s associated architect Adrian Soare held a presentation on B&B in the Danube Delta project emphasising the sustainable materials and techniques used.

The exhibition will remain opened until October 17.

This event is part of 3679 events that took place in 183 states and is the biggest manifestation in history for reducing carbon emissions.

Initiator: Chimera Studio www.chimerastudio.ro

With the help of: 350.org, Make a Point.

For more details regarding the event go to www.350.org

The projects presented can be visualised at http:www.syaa.ro/portfolio/pensiune-in-delta/